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Newtype, Inc: Since 1966

Businesses come and go, but Newtype is proud to be
going strong for 44 years and counting

Newtype, Inc. has been family-owned and operated since our inception. Joseph Porto founded the business in 1966, originally servicing printers and publishers with their typesetting and pre-press needs. His wife, Marjorie, when not running the household, worked out of the home for Newtype as a keyboard operator (a form of data entry). The name “Newtype” came about as a result of the new technology (“phototype”) beginning to take hold as an alternative — and eventual replacement — to the previous standard of “hot metal” typesetting.

In 1979, Joe’s son, Mark, joined Newtype to learn the trade and assist with the growing business. Five years later, as was their plan, Joe and Marjorie retired to Myrtle Beach, SC and Mark assumed the role of President.

Changing with the times

In the mid-80s, in an effort to respond to our client’s needs and in an effort to stay relevant in the ever-changing print world, Mark’s wife and Newtype’s VP at the time, Jo Ann Porto, recognized the value of offering foreign language translation in addition to typesetting and a new era at Newtype was born.

In 2001, Jo Ann assumed the role of CEO at Newtype, acquiring 55% of the company shares, and in 2002 Newtype officially became a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).


Today, Newtype’s full-time staff boasts an average of more than 20 years’ industry experience. That’s something we’re very proud of! We put this expertise to work for our clients, bringing innovative solutions to the table when it comes to any type of multilingual project.

Newtype Inc., since 1966
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